SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, is demanding politicians are only paid for days they work, backing new legislation that would address recent high-profile instances of politicians resigning amid scandal but still collecting a full month’s pay.

“When a politician abuses the public’s trust, it adds insult to injury when that politician is able to time their resignation to keep taxpayers on the hook for a full paycheck they didn’t earn. Taxpayer dollars should be going towards building a stronger Illinois, not flowing into the pockets of unethical former lawmakers who no longer serve their constituents,” Hernandez said. “I’m committed to a crack down on corruption wherever it occurs and ensuring politicians aren’t collecting paychecks they haven’t earned is an important first step.”

Continuing her track record of working for greater government accountability and fairness, Hernandez is sponsoring House Bill 4131, which would end the practice of paying public officials for the entirety of the final month they worked. Currently, for instance, if a lawmaker resigned on the first day of a month, they would still get paid as if they worked the entire month.

“Politicians need to start playing by the same rules as the rest of us, and this is an important first step,” Hernandez said. “Supposed public servants who are only concerned with grabbing an unearned paycheck can’t get away with their behavior, and this legislation will prevent anyone from doing that in the future.”

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