SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Small businesses and entrepreneurs selling scrap metal will receive assistance thanks to the work of state Rep. Diane Pappas, D-Itasca, who is pushing for legislation requiring precise weighing and payment in all sales of scrap metal.

“Our local entrepreneurs and small businesses that deal in scrap metal are often faced with thin profit margins, and imprecise measurements during sales can really hurt them,” Pappas said. “Families throughout our community depend on reliable returns from these sales, and they deserve to be paid the money they’re owed.”

Pappas has introduced House Bill 4037, which requires scrap metal dealers to weigh and pay for the metal they are being sold to the nearest tenth of a pound. Sellers are currently taking hits to their profits because of inaccurate measurements that result in underpayments. Pappas is working to address this issue on behalf of a member of her community who brought the problem of scrap metal sellers unfairly losing money to her attention.

“I’m working to build a stronger, fairer Illinois, and it’s time to make sure everyone in our community is compensated honestly for their effort,” Pappas said. “Whether in the form in reasonable wages or an accurate return on scrap metal sales, I’ll fight to make sure Illinoisans get fair pay for fair work.”

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