CHICAGO – Hoping to create positive change within the community, state Rep. Curtis J. Tarver II, D-Chicago, has created a task force to combat lakefront erosion, and is inviting community members to join him, state Rep. Kam Buckner, D-Chicago, and Alderman Greg Mitchell to combat the issue.

“Every day, the city’s lakeshore is being eroded due to rising water levels on Lake Michigan, and it is putting our community at risk,” said Tarver. “Lake Michigan and our lakeshore help define the City, and we must take action to protect it from further damage. When our city’s beaches are being destroyed from rising water levels, we all need to work together to find a solution to this serious problem.”

Tarver is fighting to protect Chicago’s shoreline from being eroded due to rising water levels. In recent news, communities across the city’s lakefront have become susceptible to damage caused by extreme storms. This damage to property could put an extreme cost on the city and local property owners. Tarver is committed to working with members of his task force and other community leaders and groups to come up with a clear solution to address this problem.

“While cities throughout the world are being forced to evaluate how they are responding to climate change, we must also seriously consider what we will do to protect Chicago from having the shoreline eroded,” said Tarver. “It is essential that this issue is taken seriously and that a plan is developed to reduce the impact that a receding shoreline can have. Any community member who is concerned about this issue can join my task force and work to reduce the impact of lakefront erosion.”

Tarver is committed to working with all interested parties to reduce the impact of the eroding shoreline. If residents are interested in joining his Lakefront Erosion Task Force, they can contact Tarver’s district office at 773-363-8870 or Residents will have the opportunity to attend local meetings, make phone calls, send mail, go door-to-door or participate in any other way they can to protect the lakeshore.

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