NORTHLAKE, Ill. – Fighting to make health care more affordable and accessible, state Rep. Kathy Wills, D-Northlake, is backing new legislation aiming to lower the high costs of insulin, a necessary medication that helps diabetes patients fight back against the condition.

 “Insulin is a life and death choice for those who need it, and making sure that it does not cause financial ruin when patients buy it is critical,” Willis said. “This is very personal to me and my family, as my daughter has diabetes and I do not want to imagine a world where she, or anyone else, cannot get the medicine they need.”

Willis is sponsoring Senate Bill 667, a new proposal seeking to caps patients’ insulin payments at $100 a month. This bill is addressing the massive spike in insulin prices, which between 2002 and 2013, out-of-pocket costs for insulin increased almost 300%. There are 1.3 million adult diabetics in Illinois, many of whom regularly rely on insulin to maintain their health and quality of life.

Capping inulin costs for the millions of adult diabetics in Illinois follows Willis’s pledge to build a stronger Illinois, which includes more affordable health care for families. This year, Willis supported major legislation that requires Illinois insurance companies to cover the cost of EpiPens for people under the age of 18, helping remove another huge financial burden for families with children who suffer from food allergies.

“I am fighting for my daughter and every Illinoisan who lives with diabetes to make their health care more affordable,” Willis said. “Preventing massive price increases on insulin is not only the right thing to do, but the moral one. People’s health should always take priority over insurance company profits.”

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