CHICAGO – To preserve Illinois families’ access to affordable health care for children, state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, recently supported legislation to extend the sunset date of the All Kids program.

“We must do all that we can to help hardworking families across Illinois provide a better life for their children, and that includes ensuring access to health care,” said Slaughter. “As a father, I know how challenging providing for a family is. Every little bit of help that we’re able to provide to our state’s families can truly make a difference.”

The Slaughter-backed House Bill 2894 extends the Oct. 1, 2019 sunset of the All Kids program to Oct. 1, 2024. Children currently enrolled in the All Kids program receive health insurance that covers doctor visits including regular check-ups and vaccinations, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and even hospital stays. The program also covers specialized care, such as medical equipment or physical therapy. The measure to extend the sunset date was recently signed into law by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

“With the cost of living on the rise, I am proud that Illinois is doing what it can to keep some money in the pockets of our most hardworking families,” said Slaughter. “I am grateful to work with a governor who understands the importance keeping our families healthy and financially stable.”

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