CHICAGO, Ill. – To help undo the effects of gender and racial discrimination, state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, recently supported a new law that will prohibit employers from engaging in practices that contribute to the gap in pay between women and their male counterparts.

“For far too long, employers have benefited from the shroud of secrecy that surrounds salaries here in Illinois and across the country,” said Slaughter. “By asking applicants about their current or previous salaries, employers can perpetuate unequal pay for women, especially women of color. Now is the time for both women and people of color to be paid what they are worth. No one should be paid less because of their gender, race, and this legislation brings us one step closer to achieving true equality in our great state.”

The Slaughter-backed House Bill 834 passed both the House and Senate and was recently signed into law by Gov. Pritzker. This legislation amends the Equal Pay Act by adding new language that prohibits employers from requiring applicants to submit salary history, in addition to prohibiting employers from requiring employees to abstain from discussing salaries with each other. By adding these changes, legislators sought to increase transparency in workplace salaries and help minorities and women receive fair pay.

“I am so proud that the people of Illinois now have a governor who recognizes the importance of equality between all genders and races,” said Slaughter “I look forward to working on more legislation that helps to repair the damage done by decades of normalized racism and sexism in our workplaces.”

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