AURORA, Ill. – State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, recently backed legislation that will create a public database showing all government spending in order to facilitate greater government transparency.

“Transparency at all levels of government is something that we highly value in this country,” said Hernandez. “Passing this bill will increase transparency here in Illinois and help ensure our government’s trustworthiness.”

Hernandez backed House Bill 313, which creates the Open Illinois Checkbook Act. Under this act, the state comptroller will show all state expenditures, including the state agency name, recipient vendors each expenditure is made to, graphical data, and state employee salaries. The current database only shows breakdown of state agencies without specifics.  

“Taxpayers deserve the right to see the exact breakdown of where their money is going,” said Hernandez. “There is no reason to keep state expenses hidden from the public, and this increased transparency will be a crucial step in keeping state government accountable.”

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