SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Camille Y. Lilly, D-Chicago, hailed the enactment of a bipartisan capital infrastructure plan to make critical investments in Illinois infrastructure.

“After too many years of disinvestment, Illinois finally has a plan to get back on track, to rebuild our roads and bridges and to invest in important public buildings and spaces like schools and parks,” Lilly said. “This infrastructure investment plan will also create over 500,000 jobs to employ hard working Illinois men and women in high-wage jobs in our communities, circulating even more funds into local economies.”

The capital infrastructure bill, known as Rebuild Illinois, is the largest in state history, making $45 billion in investments to repair roads and bridges, improve facilities for veterans, and ensure schools across the state have infrastructure suitable to facilitate student learning:

  • $33 billion of Rebuild Illinois is dedicated to modernizing an aging transportation system, including mass transit. Crumbling roads cost $8.2 billion per year in lost economic activity for Illinois while costing Chicago motorists $627 per year.
  • $4.5 billion of dedicated funding for mass transit to reduce commuting times and invest in stations and equipment.
  • $3.5 billion of funding for education facilities, including early childhood education centers, elementary and high schools, community colleges, and universities.
  • $1 billion in funding for environmental and conservation projects, including renewable energy projects and park construction.
  • $200 million for reconstructing facilities to house and care for veterans.

“Investing in Illinois infrastructure is more than just rebuilding roads and buildings, it is investing in the people of our state who will have jobs in construction, who will have jobs in parks, schools, and other public facilities and who will use these roads and facilities each and every day,” Lilly said. “I’m proud to support this bipartisan plan and I applaud my colleagues in the General Assembly and both Lieutenant Governor Julianna Stratton and Governor J.B. Pritzker for recognizing the importance of rebuilding our infrastructure and building a stronger Illinois.”

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