SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Legislation spearheaded by state Rep. Jonathan Carroll, D-Northbrook, that will require insurance companies to cover the cost of EpiPens for children recently passed the Illinois state Senate and now heads to Gov. J.B. Prtizker’s desk to be signed into law.

“I take this battle with insurance companies very seriously because my daughter lives with severe food allergies,” said Carroll. “No child should be denied lifesaving medication because of insurance companies’ dishonest price gouging tactics.”

In response to the skyrocketing cost of EpiPens, which has risen by more than 400% in the last decade, Carroll passed House Bill 3435 to require health care plans to cover the cost of EpiPens for individuals who are 18 years old and younger. EpiPens are injectors that contain Epinephrine, a chemical to help people handle anaphylaxis, which is a severe medical emergency that results in a patient breaking out in hives, experiencing a drop in blood pressure, chest tightness and more.

“My legislation will hold insurance companies accountable, requiring them to put children’s health and wellbeing before profit,” continued Carroll.  “We buy insurance to help shoulder the cost of medical care, so lifesaving EpiPens should be included in health care coverage plans. This legislation is commonsense, and I am proud to have passed it with sweeping bipartisan support. I urge the governor to sign it into law when it reaches his desk.”

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