SPRINGFIELD – In response to the recent deaths of state troopers near their parked emergency vehicles, state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, recently supported a measure to protect emergency workers from reckless driving when they are engaged in roadside stops.

“For our emergency workers, their office is often the side of a busy road.” Slaughter said.. “If we are to expect them to continue their important work, then we must do everything we can to ensure their safety during roadside stops. The deaths of Trooper Christopher Lambert and Trooper Brooke Jones-Story were preventable tragedies that we must not repeat.”

Slaughter supported Senate Bill 1862, also known as Scott’s Law, which makes changes to current traffic law in an effort to prevent more tragic deaths of emergency workers. This bill will increase the penalty for injuring or killing an emergency worker from five years to seven years. Scott’s Law will also increase the penalty for a violation that does not result in injury or death from $100 to $500. Funds from the increased penalty will be used to educate the public about the new law.

Slaughter also sponsors Senate Bill 2038 which requires a minimum of one question on Scott’s Law be added to the written driver’s license exam. Senate Bill 2038 also creates the Move Over Task Force to further study the issue.

“We can prevent future tragic deaths of our emergency workers through initiatives that punish reckless driving and educate the public about how to drive safely,” Slaughter said. “Scott’s Law will help protect law enforcement and emergency workers by punishing careless drivers and educating new drivers before they may become a problem on the road.”

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