SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Continuing her efforts to protect vulnerable individuals from harassment and abuse, state Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, D-Oswego, sponsored comprehensive legislation that requires state officials and employees to complete annual harassment and discrimination prevention training, cracks down on local and elected officials who file statements of economic interest and will help protect hotel and casino employees from harassment.  

“No one should feel threatened while working in a hotel, casino, or anywhere for that matter,” said Kifowit. “We need to make it easier for employees to take measures to keep themselves out of harm’s way.”

The Kifowit-backed initiative is sweeping legislation that relates to many different issues regarding employee safety and ethics. Senate Bill 75 reforms the new process for local and state elected officials to file statements of economic interest and creates the Workplace Transparency Act (WTA) which prohibits employers from preventing disclosure or waiver of an employee’s rights related to sexual harassment, discrimination, harassment or retaliation in order to obtain or retain employment. The WTA creates safeguards for confidentiality in settlement and termination agreements.

Senate Bill 75 also creates the Hotel and Casino Employee Act which requires hotels and casinos to equip employees working alone in a guest room, restroom or casino floor with safety devices or panic buttons. Hotels and casinos are also required to write an anti-sexual harassment policy that protects employees against sexual assault and harassment by guests.

“We need to protect employees from hostile work environments, especially those who are required to work alone in intimate settings,” said Kifowit. “This legislation will directly improve the safety of employees, reform the way we handle statements of economic interest and expand the ethics act by allowing inspectors general more time to prosecute criminals and establish statutory rights for people who file complaints.” 

Senate Bill 75 has passed both the Illinois House and Senate and will be sent to the governor’s office for consideration.

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