SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Anna Moeller, D-Elgin, took steps towards building a stronger Illinois through her work passing the Fair Tax amendment, which relieved the tax burden on the middle-class; fighting for reproductive health and equal pay legislation to preserve women’s rights across the state; and pushing for more accessible and affordable health care.

“The families in our communities deserve a state that prioritizes their best interests,” Moeller said. “Middle-class families need tax relief, abortion rights are under attack around the country, and families are getting charged thousands for medications while individuals with pre-existing conditions are at risk of losing care entirely. I’m here to fight for solutions that strengthen the middle class and build a stronger Illinois.”

Moeller passed the Fair Tax, which lowers income taxes on 99.8% of Illinoisans while balancing the budget by making the wealthy pay their fair share. This new plan is only one step on the road towards financial freedom for the middle class, but it will provide the backbone for a more robust financial future. Moeller worked to ensure the Fair Tax package also provides property tax relief for families, and takes further steps to address skyrocketing property taxes by establishing a bipartisan task force to create new relief efforts.

Moeller also recently passed a bipartisan budget to manage spending while maintaining funding for critical services. The budget further invests $375 million to improve public schools, and provides crucial financial backing for veterans’ services, elder care and health care. More than $1 billion was set aside to pay off remaining bills from the Rauner-era budget crisis and to help make much-needed pension payments.

“Illinois has had one of the most unfair tax systems in the country for far too long,” Moeller said. “We have a long way to go before these problems are solved, but making the wealthy pay their fair share brings us towards long-term budget stability, ensures essential programs are available and offers countless new employment opportunities, including job training and economic incentives to promote apprenticeship opportunities.”

As politicians across the country wage war on women, Moeller worked to promote women’s rights in Illinois. She supported the Reproductive Health Act, which protects access to abortion and reproductive health services for women. Moeller was also the chief sponsor of House Bill 834, legislation promoting equal pay to combat unfair payment practices of female employees.

“Women’s rights are under threat right now, and we have to ensure Illinois is a place where those rights are safe,” Moeller said. “I look around at states like Georgia, Alabama and Missouri, who are all passing laws restricting women’s bodies, and it’s clear that we have to act. We have to send a message to the entire country that Illinois is not a state that tolerates discrimination and misogyny.”

Moeller also took significant steps toward reining in health care costs. While out-of-touch politicians in Washington trying to strip away our health care, Moeller fought for legislation protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions, and passed measures capping skyrocketing health insurance premiums and reining in out-of-control prescription drug costs.

“We can’t play political games with peoples’ health,” Moeller said. “Keeping my communities healthy is crucial. I have to ensure they can live free from the control of big businesses trying to exploit them by ratcheting up prices for drugs and doctor visits. Providing these services is essential, but that’s not worth very much if people go bankrupt paying for them. No one should ever have to choose which medication to take because they can’t afford more than one.”

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