SPRINGFIELD, Ill.  – State Rep. Camille Y. Lilly, D-Chicago, advanced significant progressive reforms during the spring legislative session, fighting for fair taxes on the middle class, higher wages for working families, and affordable health care for Illinois families.

“Building a stronger Illinois starts with building a stronger middle class, and that’s been my focus,” Lilly said. “That is why I have supported major legislative efforts to protecting health care, provide tax relief and create better paying jobs.”

Lilly supported Senate Bill 1, which raises the minimum wage to $15 per hour. This will give families extra income to invest in themselves and their communities. Lilly also supported House Bills 2093 and 1594, which will help Illinois offer high-wage jobs for people seeking employment through tax credits and vocational training.

Lilly supported the Fair Tax amendment, which will balance the scales to reduce taxes on middle-class families, make the wealthy pay their fair share and stabilizes Illinois’ finances. Her plan will offer relief for 97% of taxpayers in Illinois. She also supported the balanced budget plan that controls state spending, but honors commitments to human services and education. That budget includes an infusion of $375 million toward public education, commits more than $1 billion to paying old bills left to pile up by former Gov. Bruce Rauner, makes all required pension payments and protects health care services to local seniors and the most vulnerable.

“Families in my area have paid too much of their income to local taxes while the wealthy have paid half of what middle-income families pay,” Lilly said. “That is unfair, and it must stop. The Fair Tax will help bring better balance by reducing the burdens on middle-class families. And passing balanced budgets bring additional relief to all Illinoisans by properly funding our schools and bringing Illinois’ debt down. This budget is a step in the right direction to help the state recover from the devastation of the past four years with progressive solutions.”

Fighting to protect people’s health care, Lilly supported House Bills 471, 156 and Senate Bill 2026. All of these bills will protect access to health care by preventing Illinois from undermining pre-existing conditions coverage from the Affordable Care Act, empower the Illinois Department of Insurance to review massive rate increases on insurance policies and takes steps to rein in the high costs of prescription drugs.

“Health care is a basic human right and necessity, and if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much else,” Lilly said. “Extreme Washington politicians should not be attempting to demolish health care protections for people, when they should be focused on making health care more accessible and affordable.”

Lilly fought to bring tighter tobacco laws for Illinois by passing her House Bill 345. This law, commonly known as Tobacco 21, requires anyone who wants to buy tobacco products be at least 21 years old. She was also instrumental in passing legislation that will teach great civics education courses to middle-schoolers in Illinois’ public school. Lilly’s House Bill 2265 passed both Houses of the General Assembly and awaits approval from Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

She also fought for legislation that would increase fees on FOID applications to crack down on senseless gun violence. Her Senate Bill 1966 will help prevent dangerous firearms from falling into criminal hands while empowering local law enforcement to confiscate the weapons from those who lose their FOID privileges. She also supported House Resolution 433, which treats violent acts like gun crimes as a disease and public health crisis.

“Gun violence has plagued our communities for too long, and reform is not coming fast enough, said Lilly. “That is why I supported legislation to crack down on gun crimes with requiring finger-printing for new FOID applications, along with new fees supporting mental health services. Gun crime is a public health crisis, as lives are being taken, and it needs to be treated and addressed accordingly.”

Lilly sponsored legislation to help subcontractors be paid on time to prevent minority small business owners from closing. She sponsored Senate Bill 104 to expedite the timeframe when subcontractors can be paid, shortening it from 15 to seven days. She also introduced legislation, House Bill 2288, to free inmates in correctional facilities from paying exorbitant co-pay fees that they would normally pay after receiving reentry services.

Lilly also supported legislation that will bring more accountability to the Chicago School Board by making the board and elected one, rather than appointed. She supported House Bill 2267, which would establish a 21 elected member board whereby local residents would be able to choose who they want representing them.

“So much control has been given to the mayor when it should belong to the people, especially the families who I represent,” Lilly said. “My residents deserve to have their voices be heard so they can have fair and equal representation on this board, giving them more say on how their children’s education.”

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