CALUMET CITY, Ill. – State Rep. Thaddeus Jones, D-Calumet City, worked to move Illinois forward and build a stronger middle class during the spring legislative session, passing legislation to make taxes fairer, make the economy stronger and make health care more affordable. Jones also chaired the House Insurance Committee this year, dedicating his work to lower health care costs for middle-class Illinoisans.

“Building a stronger middle class and a stronger Illinois has been my top goal as a legislator,” said Jones. “I am happy to report that I have supported numerous initiatives that will make health care more affordable, raise wages for families and provide tax relief for a majority of my taxpayers in my area.”

During this year’s spring session, Jones fought for proposals that build a stronger middle class and Illinois. Early on, Jones supported Senate Bill 1, which over the next few years sets the minimum wage to $15 an hour, helping local families keep more of their money and invest in their community. Jones also supported measures that will create a high-wage economy for job seekers with both House Bills 2093 and 1594, which offer tax credits for employers who hire people and vocational job-trainings.

Jones also supported the Fair Tax plan that would cut taxes on 99.8% of local taxpayers. The wealthiest would be required to pay more, generating more than $3 billion in new revenue every year to stabilize state finances, and fund schools, health care and other essential services for local families. The Fair Tax would also help families save more money on their property taxes and offers middle-class families new child tax credits.

“It is extremely unfair that families in my area pay more in taxes than the wealthiest in Illinois,” said Jones. “The Fair Tax amendment is the right thing to do to begin offering people tax relief, which will also help strengthen the middle class.”

Jones supported House Bill 471, which tasks the Department of Insurance to conduct rate-reviews on big insurance companies and block double-digit premium increase. This measure will keep a necessary check on insurance companies from over-charging their consumers on plans that are supposed to protect from a medical emergency. Another measure Jones championed was Senate Bill 2026. While the Trump administration is offering states waivers which would strip protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, this would prevent Illinois from entering into such agreements that deny people care.

“I have fought to protect is people’s access to affordable health care,” said Jones. “Donald Trump and his allies are fighting every day to strip away health care protections for the most vulnerable, but I supported vital legislation to prevent that from happening in Illinois.”

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