SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – During the spring legislative session at the Capitol, state Rep. Monica Bristow, D-Godfrey, protected the health care of the most vulnerable, continually stood up against overreaching proposals to limit the rights of law abiding gun owners, backed a responsible budget and measures that help build the middle class.

“I was proud to support a budget that controls spending, which is something our state desperately needs. Our budget protects the most critical services that residents rely on, while also importantly paying down old bills and providing the stability that our state needs,” said Bristow. “One of my top priorities as State Representative has also been to advocate for more affordable health care for families in the Metro East. I proudly passed Marlie’s Law with sweeping bipartisan support to ensure that insurance companies cover the cost of potentially lifesaving lung and heart activity monitors for children, because a family should not have to base a decision that could affect the life of their child on whether they can afford the treatment.”

Bristow worked closely with Mary Cope, a Wood River resident, to pass Marlie’s Law. Cope’s granddaughter, Marlie, who was only a couple months old, had a prior episode of apnea in 2016 where she stopped breathing. After suffering from the episode that resulted in her being revived by a first responder, she was taken to the hospital. The family requested a monitor, but were denied because the cost was too high. Shortly after, Marlie had another apnea episode where she stopped breathing. Her mother was unable to find her in time and she could not be revived. The legislation is named Marlie’s Law in her memory.

“I also passed a legislative package to expand the rights of responsible gun owners in Illinois.  My legislation passed with unanimous bipartisan support, and will cut burdensome red tape that has been placed on law-abiding gun owners by easing the application process for FOID Cards and concealed carry licenses, while also cutting duplicative requirements placed on members of the military and law enforcement, who have already been trained on handling firearms,” continued Bristow. “I also stood up against proposals by Chicago politicians that would limit the rights of and increase fees on law-abiding gun owners.”

Bristow passed Senate Bill 1139 with sweeping bipartisan support.  The measure will make several changes to current law including extending the life of renewed concealed carry licenses, clarifying that qualified current and retired law enforcement members in Illinois are exempt from concealed carry restrictions under federal law, allowing off-duty law enforcement members to carry a concealed firearm while hunting, and allow military members to apply for a FOID or a concealed carry license when they are 18, rather than requiring the permission of a parent or guardian.

“In addition to passing commonsense changes to our current gun laws to ease the burden on law-abiding gun owners, I also led the fight on legislation to include a unit of instruction in school curriculum on hunting education that includes instruction on hunting safety and the safe use of firearms,” said Bristow. “With hunting and other outdoor activities at the cornerstone of our local traditions, teaching students how to safely hunt and use a firearm is commonsense; as a staunch supporter of our constitutional Second Amendment rights, I will continue to stand up to advocate for smart policies that support responsible gun owners in Illinois.”

Bristow led efforts to pass House Bill 3462 with overwhelming bipartisan support to ensure that young hunters have access to hunting education and the safe use of a firearm while hunting.

“Throughout this spring legislative session, I have worked to build a stronger Illinois by building a stronger middle class,” Bristow said. “There is still much more work to do to get our state back on track, and I will continue working to strengthen the middle class by fighting for fairer taxes, building an economy that creates high-wage jobs, and making health care more affordable.”

For questions or for more information, please contact Rep. Bristow’s full-time constituent service office by calling 618-465-5900, or by emailing RepMBristow@gmail.com.


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