SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Mark Walker, D-Arlington Heights, issued the following statement in the moments after the Illinois House of Representatives passed a constitutional amendment allowing voters to decide whether the state should consider a new tax plan:

“We are taking a significant step forward in a process which moves us closer to providing meaningful tax relief for middle-class families. Under Illinois’ current flat tax structure, middle-class families carry too much of the burden. The Fair Tax gives us the ability to make those at the top pay an amount that is reflective of their wealth, while reducing the tax burden on 97% of Illinoisans.

“This amendment gives Illinois voters an opportunity to weigh in on whether the Fair Tax is the right path forward for our state, and that is something we should be open to considering when we talk about investing in our local communities, our schools, and other social services.”

Rep. Mark WalkerRep. Mark Walker

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