SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Continuing his efforts to fight for working and middle-class families, state Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, supported a Fair Tax amendment to reform the state’s taxing system, paving the way for modest tax relief for those who need it most.

“Our current tax system is broken, we need to lessen the tax burden on working and middleclass families by ensuring that the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share,” said Moylan. “The new tax proposal that I support will provide tax relief to over 97% of the families in my district.”

Under the current flat tax system, working families pay double their income compared to the ultra-wealthy. Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 1, the Fair Tax amendment, is the first step in creating a taxing system that will hold the line on middle-class taxes and provide relief to millions in Illinois.

This Moylan-backed initiative gives taxpayers the choice to reform Illinois’ income tax system from a regressive flat tax to a fairer taxing plan that will provide tax relief to working and middle-class families while asking millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share.

“The Fair Tax amendment is a no brainer because the proposal I support will save money for over 97% of the people in my district,” said Moylan. “It’s about time we give a helping hand to hardworking individuals and lessen the tax burden on our middle-class families.”

Rep. Marty MoylanRep. Marty Moylan

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55th District

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