SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Fighting to protect Illinois’ environment and water supplies for those living near coal power plants, state Rep. Carol Ammons, D-Urbana, passed legislation out of the Illinois House that seeks to reduce the harmful effects of coal combustion residual (CCR), or coal ash.

“Coal ash is a toxic substance that can contaminate water supplies, which is something that needs to be prevented at all costs,” said Ammons. “My legislation ensures that the Illinois EPA and other environmentally-friendly boards are working with federal rules to maintain safety standards, while creating a new fee schedule for coal-fired plants across Illinois.”

Ammons is working to protect the environment and water supply of residents who live nearby coal power plants. These power plants produce a byproduct called coal combustion residual, or coal ash, after the coal is burned. It was discovered at 90% of Illinois’ coal power plants the groundwater had some degree of contamination, which coal ash contributed greatly to the deterioration of the groundwater.

Ammons’ Senate Bill 9 asks the Illinois EPA and the Illinois Pollution Control Board to propose and adopt new rules to permit and close CCR surface impoundments, which collect the coal ash that is typically mixed with the ashy byproduct. Her bill would make the state more compliant with federal regulations. The bill further creates a new fee structure to hold coal-fired plants more accountable with the added goal of reducing instances of water contamination. Her legislation successfully passed the House with bipartisan support.

“Owners of coal plants have a responsibility to dutifully dispose of coal ash in order to prevent any sort of water contamination. This bill will help make that a reality,” said Ammons. “I am glad this bill garnered bipartisan support, because people’s safety should always be our top priority, and everyone must have their drinking water pure at all times.”

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