SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Thaddeus Jones, D-Calumet City, issued the following statement after voting to pass the Fair Tax amendment, a first step toward tax relief for 99.8% of local residents:

“Illinois’ Constitution requires a regressive flat tax, which for decades has unfairly benefited the wealthy at the expense of the middle-class. As a result of this requirement, middle-class families are forced to hand over 13% of their income to state and local taxes, while the wealthiest only pay 7% of their income. A Fair Tax amendment is a first step toward tax relief for those who need it most. Middle-class and struggling families will receive relief, while the wealthy would now be required to pay more, generating more than $3 billion in new revenue every year to stabilize state finances and fund schools, health care and other essential services for local families.

“Locally, 99.8% of families in our community will see much-needed tax relief and millionaires and billionaires will be forced to pay their fair share to fund critical services like schools and health care a Fair Tax plan. It would also help families save more money on their property taxes and offers middle-class families child tax credits.”

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