SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Building on his record of supporting gun reform legislation, state Rep. Mark Walker, D-Arlington Heights, has co-sponsored House Bill 96, a bill intended to close harmful loopholes and strengthen the ability to enforce existing regulations.

“Unfortunately, after the tragic shooting in Aurora in February, a number of loopholes in our existing gun licensing system were brought to light,” Walker explained. “Responsible gun owners certainly are not defined by violent and heinous acts like the one perpetrated in Aurora. It’s important that we stop preventable tragedies from happening again.”

If enacted, House Bill 96 would require universal background checks for all firearm transfers, closing the person-to-person background check loophole. The legislation would also require all transactions to go through federally licensed dealers, ensuring that those with felonies or other disqualifying records do not cheat the system. House Bill 96 would also improve law enforcement’s information sharing abilities, and would modernize the FOID Act.

“As elected officials, we must do all we can to protect the safety and security of our citizens,” Walker said. “Loopholes like those addressed by House Bill 96 are still too prevalent in our current gun laws. Helping law enforcement and having licensed gun retailers involved in all gun transfers and sales is an important step in our fight to end gun violence.”

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