SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Camille Y. Lilly, D-Chicago, is fighting to cut taxes for 97% of taxpayers and make the wealthy pay their fair share with the fair tax amendment, which will also help fund critical services and public education.

“Illinois’ middle class is unfairly and disproportionately taxed as a result of the flat tax provision in the state’s constitution,” Lilly said. “Adopting a fair tax not only helps families save money, but this would also help stabilize state finances and invest in critical life-saving services and programs.”

Currently, the state mandates a regressive flat tax, forcing middle-class families to pay the same as millionaires and billionaires. Because of this mandate, Illinois’ tax policy is among the most unfair in the country, forcing middle-class families to pay 13 percent of their income for state and local taxes, while the ultra-wealthy pay only 7 percent of their income.

The fair tax Lilly is supporting would help 97% of Illinois taxpayers, and provide expanded tax credits for families with children. High-income earners making more than $250,000 per year would pay more to fund provide more stable funding to critical services like public schools, health care, senior care and services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Thirty four states have fair tax provisions in place currently. Lilly is working to adopt the fair tax proposal for Illinois in order to provide tax relief for the middle-class, economic stability and greater funding for human services.

“A fair tax that makes the wealthy pay their fair share not only allows us to invest in lifesaving services, but also cut taxes for those middle-class and struggling families that need it most,” Lilly added. “People in my district work as hard as anyone, but pay more in taxes than hedge fund billionaires and CEOs. The fair tax is about fairness for them, and fairness for our state.”


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