SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, is ensuring clean water for Illinois communities by passing legislation that would set clear guidelines for water pipe construction and maintanence.

“Clean water is essential and we cannot take it for granted,” Hernandez said. “If we wait to act until there is a problem with our water supply, communities across Illinois will face tremendous difficulty and danger. We have to ensure that never happens, and maintaining high standards for water treatment and delivery systems is critical to avoiding water contamination.”

Hernandez is sponsoring House Bill 137, which sets standards for the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to maintain the safety and strength of water pipes. These standards also set guidelines for corrosion prevention processes to prevent water supply impurity.

“The safety of our communities will always be a top priority,” Hernandez said. “This bill protects our water from being at risk for contamination and preemptively combats a statewide crisis that could cost millions of dollars, create chaos for Illinois businesses, and even lose lives.”

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