SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Mike Halpin, D-Rock Island, defended service workers’ economic security by helping pass a bill which prevents employers from controlling any part of the tips their employees receive.

“Service workers often depend on tips to earn a living wage,” Halpin said. “Some of Illinois’ service workers are struggling to make ends meet and employers only make this problem worse when they take a portion of those tips. Every employee deserves to keep the entirety of the tips they receive.”

Halpin supported House Bill 3405, which would allow employees to receive the tips they earn in full, barring their employers from withholding those earned wages. Under this measure, employees would still be able to pool their tips together if they chose; however, employers would have no authority to influence that either.

“Right now, there are hard-working servers in restaurants throughout the communities I represent who may suddenly not be able to pay their bills if their employers decide to subtract part of their tips,” Halpin said. “We need to be supporting service workers and providing them a path to a stable, middle-class life, not forcing them to live in danger of a personal financial crisis.”

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