SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, struck a blow for workers’ rights by helping pass a bill which would prevent employers from taking any part of the tips their employees earn.

“Workers who depend on tips to earn a living wage deserve full control over the money that they earn,” Hernandez said. “Illinois’ workers are struggling every day, and every employee in this state deserves to have the entirety of their tips, wages and more go to them, not to be held onto by their employer.”

Hernandez supported House Bill 3405, which would allow employees to receive the tips they earn in full, barring their employers from withholding those earned wages. Under this law, employees would still be able to pool their tips together if they chose; however, employers would have no authority to influence that either.

“Right now, a server in one of my community’s restaurants could lose rent money to an owner who decides they have a right to keep a part of their employees’ tips. That’s just wrong and unfair,” Hernandez said. “One of my top priorities is to fight for worker’s rights, and this bill will help lift them up with more money in their pockets.”

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