SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Big insurance companies would be prohibited from slamming patients with double-digit premium increases for no reason or discriminating against patients on the basis of gender, race or religion under a new measure backed by state Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora.

“Affordable health care is essential for every Illinoisan,” Hernandez said. “However, some patients face higher costs because of discrimination, and we all struggle with out-of-control premiums. Big insurance companies are lining their pockets with profits padded by the extra dollars they charge minorities and women. This behavior is unquestionably immoral, and it is long past time we make it end.”

Hernandez is co-sponsoring House Bill 815, or the Freedom from Aggressive Insurance Increases Review Act. Hernandez’s bill creates a Health Insurance Rate Review Board, which would review insurance plans and be empowered to reject excessive premium increases or any that are biased on race, religion or gender.

“This is an issue of freedom as much as fairness,” Hernandez said. “People burdened with massive health care costs can’t live their lives freely. I won’t allow insurance companies to restrict innocent Illinoisans just to make a buck.”

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