SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – To help families with life-threatening food allergies dine out more comfortably and safely, state Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, D-Oswego, has introduced legislation to increase both food service staff and restaurant patrons’ awareness of allergens in menu items.

“For people who have a food allergy, eating a meal that was prepared out-of-sight by someone else can be a stressful experience,” said Kifowit. “This legislation is intended to minimize the risk of a potentially fatal allergic reaction by making sure customers know who to ask about the ingredients in their food.”

Kifowit’s House Bill 3018 requires restaurants in Illinois to prominently display signage indicating to guests and employees that any information regarding food allergies must be communicated to the restaurant’s food service sanitation manager. In response to a situation in which a waitress mistakenly informed a customer that a dessert on the menu was free of known allergens, the measure is intended to directly connect restaurant patrons with an employee who has absolute knowledge of all ingredients.

“Even the most well-intentioned wait staff may be unaware of exactly how certain menu items are prepared and the ingredients they contain,” said Kifowit. “By connecting customers to a designated point person with this knowledge, we are hoping to make the dining experience less stressful and safer for all.”

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