SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Natalie Manley, D-Joliet, worked to implement a responsible budget plan, championed women’s rights by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, passed commonsense gun reforms and responded to her constituent requests to rein in property taxes and other local concerns during this year’s spring legislative session.

“Following years of uncertainty and unnecessary hardship for too many in our state, I appreciate the willingness of those who put aside the partisan rhetoric and pass a responsible budget,” Manley said. “Our first priority should be a budget, and we have to secure the future of our state by investing in education, health care and public safety.”

Manley voted for a bipartisan, balanced budget that will hold the line on taxes and spending while ensuring the state pays its bills. The proposal eliminates government bureaucracy, and instead uses these finite resources to fund to health care, schools and senior services.

Additionally, Manley recently backed ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment by supporting Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 4. With its passage, Illinois became the 37th out of 38 states that are required to ratify the amendment before it can officially become part of the federal constitution. Manley is also supporting legislation aimed at closing the wage gap and ensuring that women are paid equally.

“Women deserve to receive full and equal treatment under the law and in all facets of our society,” Manley said. “Our country is built on the struggle for the expansion of freedom, and it is important that constitutional protections are put in place for women today and for future generations to come.”

Manley also backed a series of commonsense gun control measures aimed at reducing violence in Illinois and preventing tragic mass shootings, such as those seen in Las Vegas and in Florida. She supported House Bill 1467, which would ban bump stocks used to make assault weapons automatic and more deadly, as well as Senate Bill 3256, which creates a 72-hour waiting period for firearm purchases.

“We have seen what happens when individuals are in a poor mental state and want a gun that they can use immediately,” Manley said. “By passing a ‘cool-off’ period and outlawing dangerous bump stocks, we can help curb the risk of mass shootings here in Illinois. No child nor parent should have to worry about their safety at school, the mall and other public places.”

Responding to a request from a Joliet hospice, Manley introduced and passed House Bill 1447 which will expand the number of individuals a hospice home may accommodate. Additionally, Manley listened to local residents about skyrocketing property taxes, and is pushing proposals to freeze property tax rates as well as efforts to save homeowners more money by increasing exemptions for seniors, veterans and others.

“I remain committed to continuing to work directly with those I have the honor to represent,” Manley said. “While we were able to address a number of state issues this session, a number of challenges still remain. I look forward to having conversations with residents across our district this summer and to returning to Springfield to enact commonsense legislation that improves the lives of people in our state.

For more information, please contact Manley’s constituent service office at 815-725-2741 or RepManley@gmail.com.

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