SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Ahead of the upcoming adjournment of the spring legislative session for the 100th General Assembly, state Rep. Sue Scherer, D-Decatur, issued the following statement:

“There are multiple initiatives that I spearheaded here in Springfield to try to get our state back on track following Governor Rauner’s three-year, budget impasse. One effort that I am proud to have sponsored is a measure that will ensure that no legislator gets an automatic pay increase.  One of my top priorities as state representative is promoting good government and cutting perks for politicians.

“I am proud to have supported a bipartisan, balanced budget for our state that includes no new taxes. Rauner’s budget crisis tripled our state’s debt, but the budget that I supported today will create a surplus that will help us to pay down old bills. A bipartisan coalition of legislators worked to cut wasteful bureaucracy and red tape, while protecting funding to invest in critical services like domestic violence shelters, breast cancer screenings and $350 million in new funding for schools.

“I took action to address the teacher shortage in our state and fought for fair wages for teachers.  As a former teacher of 34 years, I truly believe that investing in good teachers is an investment in our future. I also recently voted to restore wages that have been owed to our state employees since 2011 because no worker’s wages should be withheld from them for any reason.

“I stood up to Washington insiders and a tax plan that would devastate our local communities.  Our family, friends and neighbors need tax relief, not a bigger tax bill from the federal government, so I passed a bill that would create a new tax exemption to fund our schools.

“I also proudly supported and voted to protect our local mom and pop pharmacies by changing the way Managed Care Networks reimburse small pharmacies, allowing them to be more competitive with larger corporate stores. I am proud to support our local small business owners.

“While there is still much work to be done to get Illinois back on track and in a healthier fiscal state, I am proud to have been a part of several legislative efforts that will make life better for families in central Illinois and throughout the state.”

Rep Sue SchererRep Sue Scherer

96th District

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