SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – With the spring legislative session at a close, state Rep. Jaime Andrade, D-Chicago, worked on several measures that would reduce vehicle theft, protect the state’s cybersecurity network and provide more protections to immigrants who have been abused.

“Too many of our neighbors, family and friends have fallen victim to violent thefts that all too often go unsolved and unprosecuted,” Andrade said. “We must provide law enforcement with the tools necessary to protect our communities and stop these crimes from occurring.”

One of Andrade’s top priorities this spring has been to reduce the recent surge in vehicular thefts that has left many victims without justice. Currently, prosecutors are limited in charging people with vehicle theft since there is typically little evidence surrounding that type of crime. Andrade’s House Bill 1804 allows prosecutors to use more of the surrounding facts and circumstances that could lead a reasonable person to believe that the defendant stole the vehicle. Andrade’s legislation also directs courts to look into a youth’s prior arrests to determine the best course to deal with juveniles who are repeat offenders to ensure that the juvenile is not unjustly prosecuted.

Andrade also sponsored House Bill 5611, which establishes the Office of the Statewide Chief Information Security Officer to be responsible for ensuring cybersecurity across all state agencies. The office’s duties include implementing security controls, establishing protocol in the instance of a cybersecurity breach and monitoring the compliance of state agencies. As the chairman of the House Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and IT committee, Andrade wants to protect the sensitive data that different state agencies have on Illinois residents.

“There have been many stories of data breaches, and Illinois needs to be fully equipped to prevent and handle any data breach that could happen to the state’s technology infrastructure,” Andrade said. “This office will be equipped to protect our residents’ information from any potential breach.”

Andrade supported the bipartisan balanced budget that contains no new taxes yet provides for necessary funding for important programs like affordable child care, domestic violence shelters, and breast cancer screenings. The budget also contains $350 million in new funding for K-12 schools and an increase in funding for higher education while still creating a surplus to pay down old bills.

“Critical programs like human services and public education have greatly suffered the last few years, hurting many in our communities,” Andrade said. “I urge the governor to do right by the people of our state and sign our bipartisan budget so that we may help those who we are sworn to serve.”

Andrade has also worked to provide rights and protections to immigrants by supporting Senate Bill 34, which would create the Voices of Immigrant Communities Empowering Survivors (VOICES) Act. The bill would help survivors of physical or mental abuse, such as domestic violence or human trafficking, apply for a Nonimmigrant U and T visa. Andrade’s measure would require law enforcement and other investigative agencies to respond to the visa applications for survivors no later than 90 business days after receiving the request. Andrade wants to ensure that anyone who has been abused has the ability to leave their abuser, regardless of the survivor’s immigration status.

“This common-sense legislation will help survivors of traumatic crimes come forward by giving them piece of mind that they will not be punished for their immigration status,” Andrade said. “If someone abuses another person, they should be prosecuted for their crime, regardless of where the survivor is from.”

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