SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Nicholas Smith, D-Chicago, is fighting to lower taxes on middle-class families in Illinois by supporting a fair tax that requires the wealthiest people throughout the state to pay their fair share, giving working families a tax break.

“With one of the most regressive tax structures in the United States, Illinois’ hard-working families are forced to pay more in taxes,” Smith said. “This is unacceptable and, as an elected official, I am doing everything possible to put the working and middle-class families first. By requiring millionaires and billionaires throughout the state to pay their fair share, the tax burden on middle-class families will be alleviated.”

Smith is a co-sponsor and strong supporter of House Resolution 1025, which calls on Illinois’ elected officials to modernize its taxing system by implementing a progressive income tax. This simply states that the more one makes, the more they pay, which would result in a tax break for middle-class families across Illinois. Smith is committed to providing tax relief to middle-class families throughout Illinois.

“The hardworking people who I represent everyday deserve a break, and they should be able to keep more of their money just like the wealthiest do now,” said Smith. “The current tax code in Illinois works in favor of the wealthiest in our state, ultimately becoming burdensome for the working families who frankly cannot afford to pay the same tax rate as a billionaire. I will continue to work with my colleagues to find the necessary solutions so we can start focusing on rebuilding our streets, communities and schools, while lifting up the middle class.”

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