SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Larry Walsh, Jr., D-Elwood, is sponsoring legislation that will remove unnecessary restrictions on businesses and cut red tape to allow them to create more jobs.

“I believe that my job is to support our working families, and part of that is to help create good jobs in Illinois,” Walsh said. “My legislation not only helps the manufacturing industry, but can allow for greater job expansion. Too often legislation helps business at the expenses of workers, but this bill will help both business and workers.”

House Bill 5198 allows manufacturing facilities to convert non-recyclable plastics into reusable products and not be placed in the same pollutant category as landfills. This legislation will also keep these non-recyclable plastics out of landfills.  Correcting this classification will ease some of the regulations placed on these facilities and allow for the creation of more jobs. This also has the potential of attracting more businesses to build facilities in Illinois and create more jobs.

“These facilities are creating a product, and should not be classified the same as a landfill or a waste management facility,” Walsh said. “The misclassification of these places has caused a slow in job creation, and I am glad that we could reach a bipartisan solution to help solve this problem.”

House Bill 5198 has also received support from the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. The Walsh sponsored legislation passed the House with bipartisan support and to be debated on the Senate Floor.

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