SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Camille Y. Lilly, D-Chicago, is fighting to lower taxes on middles class families by supporting a fair tax that asks Illinois’ ultra-wealthy to pay more while giving low and middle income families a tax break.

“Illinois has one of the most regressive tax structures in the nation,” said Lilly. “A flat tax forces middle income people to pay the same as millionaires and billionaires, leaving the families I represent with less money in their pockets.”

Lilly is backing House Resolution 1025, which calls on Illinois’ elected officials to modernize its taxing system by implementing a progressive income tax. This simply states that the more one makes, the more they pay, which also means a tax break for middle class families across Illinois.

“The hardworking people who I represent everyday deserve a break in the high costs of everyday life, and they should be able to keep more of their money just like the wealthiest do now,” said Lilly. “The tax code is too skewed in favor of the wealthy, leaving a growing economy out of reach for those whose income comes from a stressful job, unlike hedge-fund managers or private investors. Our neighbors need relief so they can start rebuilding our streets, neighborhoods, schools and our communities and lift up the middle class.”

Lilly represents parts of Chicago’s West Side, Oak Park, River Grove, Elmwood Park, Franklin Park and Melrose Park. Join her weekly newsletter to stay up to date with events and news from the 78th District at StateRepCamilleYLilly@gmail.com.

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