Springfield, Ill. – State Rep. Theresa Mah, D-Chicago, has signed onto a resolution that supports the repeal of Illinois’ unfair flat tax and encourages the implementation of a progressive income tax that reduces the burden on middle class and struggling families by making the extremely wealthy pay their fair share.

“Our current, regressive tax system burdens working families and gives a free pass to the ultra-wealthy,” Mah said. “Billionaires like Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump have not been paying their fair share, and the middle class has had to pick up tab.”

Mah is supporting House Resolution 1025, which advocates for the adoption of a graduated income tax in Illinois. The resolution notes that a more fair tax system would stimulate economic growth by increasing spending power for residents across the state and by lowering the tax burden on small business owners. Of the 41 states that have an income tax, 33 have progressive income tax structures, including the neighboring states of Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin.

The Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy notes that Illinois’ current regressive income tax structure allows for the top one percent of residents to only pay approximately seven percent of their income in taxes, compared to 13 percent by the bottom 20 percent of households.

“When we put more dollars in to the pockets of working families it will improve our local economies, support small businesses, and create jobs in our communities,” Mah said. “The fair tax is a win-win for our state, it will help provide tax relief for the middle class and help spur the state’s economy.”

In order for Illinois to implement a progressive income tax system, a constitutional amendment would first need to be approved by the General Assembly and by voters via referendum.

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