Dear Editor,

Throughout the years, local small businesses have given so much to our community. They donate money to scouting events, the Rotary Club and local non-profits, not to mention taking the time to volunteer for worthy causes. Small businesses are the drivers of our economy, and some of the most important pillars of our community.

In May, we recognize “National Small Business Week,” but we need to be recognizing and supporting our local small employers all year long. Small businesses employ the majority of workers and create the majority of new jobs; however, actions to actually support local small businesses often are not happening. Out-of-state companies are undermining our local small businesses and I do not think this is right.

That is why I championed commonsense legislation, House Bill 4774, that would direct local governments to provide a small preference to local businesses.

While no one in Springfield seems opposed to spending big dollars on large companies, I was shocked at the discussion and negative votes on this bill. One legislator from the other side of the aisle even stated “your bill is a waste of taxpayer money”.

I do not think that supporting the local, small businesses who support our community is a waste of taxpayer money.  Small businesses are increasingly being squeezed by corporate online retailers and big box stores. These corporate groups still receive too many special deals that aren’t available to small employers that create jobs right here in our community. It’s time to correct that imbalance, and I will continue to do so as your representative in Springfield.

Unfortunately, House Bill 4774 did not pass, but I will not stop fighting to help support our local, small business owners because it’s the right thing to do.

Rep Stephanie KifowitRep Stephanie Kifowit

84th District

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