JOLIET, Ill. –State Rep. Larry Walsh, Jr., D-Elwood, sponsored legislation that protects the privacy of licensed trappers by removing the requirement to have their name and address placed on all of their traps.

“Making folks put their names and addresses on traps in unnecessary, and put their personal information at risk, when we have easier ways to help ensure that our trapping laws are followed,” said Walsh. “My legislation simply replaces a person’s information with a simple ID number, keeping personal information from being made available to anyone who sees the trap.”

Current Illinois law requires trappers to have their name and address on their traps so the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) can ensure that traps belong to permitted trappers. However, this requirement puts personal information out in the open unnecessarily. House Bill 5693 allows trappers instead put their customer ID number on their traps. This number is issued by the DNR, and this will allow the DNR to more effectively identify traps. House Bill 5693 recently passed out of the House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support.

“Both the Trappers Association and the DNR agree that this is an improvement on all sides,” said Walsh. “This legislation not only helps protect our trappers and hunters, but also helps DNR as they continue to do their jobs.”

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