SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Companies that move jobs overseas and out of state will be required to provide advance notice and repay all grants, loans and tax benefits under legislation passed out of the Illinois House Thursday by state Rep. Mike Halpin, D-Rock Island.

“Our tax dollars should go to companies that invest in our communities, not those that are determined to offshore local jobs to increase profits,” said Halpin. “By incentivizing call centers to keep their jobs in the state, this legislation protects Illinois workers, consumers and communities.”

Halpin’s House Bill 4081 creates tough new financial penalties on corporations that ship call centers overseas without warning. Corporations would be required to publicly declare their intention to relocate to another state or overseas, or face fines of up to $10,000.

“If Illinois is providing assistance to a company funded with the tax dollars of hardworking families, those families deserve assurance that their taxes are not being spent on companies who plan to leave our state,” said Halpin. “We need to continue investing in businesses that invest in Illinois by banning all taxpayer-funded deals for corporations that outsource local jobs.”

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