HILLSIDE, Ill. – State Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch is urging Gov. Rauner to nominate Maywood and Hillside as federally recognized Opportunity Zones to create new jobs and attract new businesses to these communities.

“Towns in my district like Maywood and Hillside are qualified to become Opportunity Zones, which will give these communities a competitive edge when new businesses consider expansion and job creation,” said Welch. “I want the people in Maywood and Hillside and the surrounding areas to contact Governor Rauner and demand that he nominate these eligible towns as Opportunity Zones before the April 20 deadline.”

Certain cities, towns and villages are eligible to become Opportunity Zones following the passage of the federal tax code changes. The designation incentivizes businesses to relocate to those towns and set up shop, create jobs and bring increased investment to those places. Maywood and Hillside are eligible to become Opportunity Zones but they must first be nominated by the governor for consideration. Welch is urging residents of both towns to call Governor Rauner and demand he make Hillside and Maywood Opportunity Zones. Local residents can call Governor Bruce Rauner’s office at 217-782-0244 or email Gov.goca@Illinois.gov and demand that he include Hillside and Maywood as one of his nominations for a federally recognized Opportunity Zone.

“I do not know what the governor is waiting for on this process, but I want my neighbors to join me in keeping up the pressure and demanding that he do more to invest in our communities,” said Welch. “Rauner needs to allow us to do what we can to make Hillside and Maywood better for everyone by empowering employers and employees, and this should not be a partisan issue when we have the chance to really make a positive change for these areas.”

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