CHICAGO – State Rep. Fran Hurley, D-Chicago, state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, and state Sen. Bill Cunningham, D-Chicago, recently hosted a recycling and composting environmental seminar for local residents throughout the community.

“As citizens, there are many ways available to be environmental conscious, which includes composting and recycling household waste,” Hurley said. 

During the Recycling and Composting Environmental Seminar, Jen Walling from the Illinois Environmental Council, James Jennings from Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and Hubbell Radue gave insightful presentations on how to turn household waste into organic material through composting, as well as the steps necessary to properly recycle and dispose of household and hazardous waste. While it may not seem like much, composting reduces the amount of pollution, encourages the growth of new plant life, and reduces the likelihood of erosion and landslides. By incorporating composting and recycling as a part of an individual’s everyday life, it becomes a simple way to protect the environment.

Pictured: State Rep. Justin Slaughter, State Rep. Fran Hurley and State Sen. Bill Cunningham.

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