DECATUR, Ill. – State Rep. Sue Scherer, D-Decatur, is calling for an override of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of legislation designed to protect the rights of working men and women in Illinois.

“Labor unions have been instrumental in building a strong middle class in our communities, and I refuse to allow the governor’s corporate agenda to dismantle them,” Scherer said. “I want to make sure that workers are not denied their right to fair wages and benefits.”

Earlier this year, Scherer voted to pass Senate Bill 1905, which would prevent local governments from enacting “right to work” ordinances within their limits. “Right to work” is a term used to describe laws that seek to remove collective bargaining rights, typically that allow men and women who build roads and maintain infrastructure to band together for better working conditions and fair pay.  Because of the ability to organize, the men and women who work in construction have good-paying jobs and are able to support their families and be members of the middle class. “Right to work” laws are typically supported by major business interests who would be able to expand their profits if given the ability to pay their employees a greatly reduced salary. Senate Bill 1905 was vetoed by the governor.

“The purpose of ‘right to work’ laws is to benefit big corporations at the expense of working families,” Scherer said. “I will continue fighting against Governor Rauner’s anti-worker agenda and urge my colleagues to override his careless veto of this measure.”

Scherer represents the 96th District, which includes portions of Christian, Macon and Sangamon counties.

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