SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, passed a new law that equips school bathrooms with free menstruation products, such as pads and tampons, for female students.

“Young women should not be forced to pay for products that they need every month to manage their period,” said Harper. “Periods can happen unexpectedly, and women of all ages do not always have a pad or tampon available when they need it. This law provides students with the resources they need to focus on school without having to worry about bleeding through their clothes while in the middle of class.”

Harper’s House Bill 3215 requires schools that serve students from grade six through 12 to have tampons and sanitary napkins in their bathrooms at no charge. With the cost of a box of tampons running at about $7, a female student could spend over $400 on the product while in school. By supporting this measure, Harper is fighting to cut the financial burden of menstruation products for all female students, especially low-income students who may not have the ability to afford the necessary product, while also providing female students with the comfort of knowing they can simply go to the bathroom if they get their period.

“These products are not luxury items, but are rather a necessity,” said Harper. “When a young girl gets her period at school, she may be completely unfocused on her schoolwork due to the worry about having a leak in front of her peers. We need to be empowering young women and providing them with the tools they need to be successful, and this is a great way to do that.”

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