SPRINGFIELD, Ill. –In an effort to find common ground with Gov. Rauner, state Rep. Michelle Mussman, D-Schaumburg, voted for measures on Wednesday that will freeze property taxes for four years, bring down workers’ compensation costs, allow for the consolidation of duplicative layers of government, and reform the state’s underfunded pension system.

“When walking door to door in my community, the top issue constituents bring up is that their property taxes are too high,” Mussman said. “Homeowners are feeling the pressure of rising property taxes and exploring options of moving out of state, and Senate Bill 484 aims to help give Illinoisans the relief they deserve. It also accomplishes Governor Rauner’s push to freeze property taxes, yet Republican legislators acting on the orders of the governor blocked the compromise measure.”

The Mussman-sponsored Senate Bill 484 contains a four-year property tax freeze on all units of government except the most financially distressed school districts. It also includes provisions from House Bill 156, which Mussman introduced and passed out of the House in April, that would increase the property tax exemption for all homeowners and provides additional relief to seniors, veterans and disabled homeowners.

Mussman also voted for measures to address workers’ compensation reform, local government consolidation, and pension reform—all of which Governor Rauner has demanded as part of his non-budgetary agenda—with the hopes of bringing the governor back to the table to negotiate a real budget.

“The measures that we voted on today represent good-faith efforts to compromise on the governor’s agenda. Now it is time to focus on the budget,” Mussman said. “I urge everyone to call Governor Rauner’s office to urge him to join us back at the negotiating table to finally bring an end this devastating budget impasse.”

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