Donald Trump and his extreme allies continue pushing reckless changes to federal health care law. Their radical agenda would deny care to people simply because they got sick and make us all pay more to pad the profits of big insurance companies.

I’m fed up with politicians putting corporate profits ahead of the needs of our families. That’s why I’m fighting for strong state-level protections that stop massive insurance companies from gouging middle-class families and ensure no one can be denied care because of their medical history, regardless of what Washington politicians do.

I recently helped pass reforms that will protect middle-class families by:

Blocking big insurance companies from raising premiums simply to pad their corporate profits.
I collaborated with colleagues to compose legislation that creates an independent Health Insurance Rate Review Board which will scrutinize proposed insurance premiums and block unjustified increases intended only to increase corporate profits at the expense of our families.

Guaranteeing care for people with preexisting conditions.
Residents with life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease should not face the prospect of losing care. Millions of Illinoisans have a preexisting condition, and while Washington politicians continue fighting to repeal federal protections for these at-risk individuals, I voted to pass bipartisan legislation creating state-level protections that will prevent insurance companies selling policies in Illinois from discriminating against the sickest, oldest and most in need of care.

Middle-class families and the elderly deserve peace of mind and certainty when it comes to their health care. That means affordable access to basic and critical, life-saving services, and access to the doctor you are comfortable with. That is what I will continue to fight for in Springfield.

If you ever have thoughts about how my work can help families in our communities, or if I can ever be of assistance to you, please contact me at (872) 281-5775.

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