SPRINGFIELD, Ill. –In efforts to address sky rocketing property taxes, State Rep. Michael J. Zalewski, D-Riverside, is sponsoring legislation that would create a property tax relief package for homeowners throughout Illinois.

“This legislation will ultimately provide tax credits to every homeowner in the state of Illinois,” Zalewski said.  “Property taxes have become a burden that many families can no longer afford, and it is time that hard working families are given options for relief.”

House Bill 156 provides homeowners with relief above and beyond the freeze discussed by the governor, by increasing the value of key property tax exemptions that help homeowners reduce the taxable value of their homes and cut their taxes. Beginning in 2018:

  • All homeowners would be eligible for an annual $8,000 exemption on their primary residence;
  • Seniors on fixed incomes would see lower property tax bills, as an exemption for homeowners over the age of 65 would increase from $5,000 to $6,000 annually;
  • More veterans would be able to receive property tax relief, as returning service members certified 20-30 percent disabled who are currently ineligible for property tax relief would be provided a $2,500 annual exemption. All veterans over the age of 75 would be able to receive a $2,500 exemption as well.

“People in Illinois have worked hard to provide homes for their families and give back to their communities,” Zalewski said.  “Property taxes are out of control, and it is important to ensure that they are provided with relief. I will continue to work with both sides of the aisle to protect the middle-class.”

Rep Mike ZalewskiRep Michael J. Zalewski

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