SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – First responders and other local services would receive promised state funding under legislation passed recently by state Rep. Larry Walsh, Jr., D-Elwood.

“Keeping our families safe is one of the most vital functions of our cities and villages, and while some politicians in Springfield want to cut state funding for these state funding for these services, I am fighting to make sure our police and fire fighters have the resources they need,” Walsh said. “When the state doesn’t keep its promise to our communities, the result is higher property taxes for our families, and less safe streets.”

Traditionally, 10 percent of state tax dollars are returned to local communities in order to provide taxpayers with more direct control of their money, and keep property taxes under control. Since 2011, however, Illinois has returned just 6 percent of this revenue to local communities. To restore this funding for local communities, Walsh worked to pass House Bill 278, which provides cities and villages with their full 10 percent share. Walsh’s measure will help ensure police, fire and other local services receive the resources they need without massive property tax hikes.

Both the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois and the Fraternal Order of Police are supportive of Walsh’s legislation.

“The ongoing budget crisis in Springfield is jeopardizing many services local residents rely on, and pushing more and more expenses on to local homeowners in the form of higher property taxes,” Walsh said. “My bill makes sure more of our tax dollars stay here at home, where they will have a real impact on keeping our streets safe and providing services directly to people in our communities.”

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