SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Mike Halpin is sponsoring two pieces of legislation aimed at ensuring American and Illinois made products are given priority consideration for all state purchases.

“Buying locally has a profound effect on local economies,” Halpin said. “More money per dollar stays in the community, and more small businesses have an opportunity to thrive. These bills are the start of a much larger conversation; we need to start buying locally sold products.”

House Bill 137 mandates that state agencies must purchase American made products when making any type of purchase of goods. House Bill 138 mandates that state agencies must purchase Illinois manufactured goods when making any type of purchase of goods, if possible. If no plausible source is found, they are then required to purchase products made in America. The bills state that the products must be made up of more than 50 percent American or Illinoisan components. Certain restrictions are included, for items such as pharmaceutical drugs or when the price or quality does not meet the standards sought.

“It says a lot about a community when you abandon small business for big box stores who offer prices that may seem cheap, but come at the cost of poor labor conditions and imported products,” Halpin said. “Buying locally helps assure you’re supporting businesses that offer good-paying jobs and quality products.”

House Bill 137 and 138 passed committee Thursday, and now head to the House floor.

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