SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Larry Walsh Jr., D-Joliet, is fighting for legislation that expands protections for day and temporary laborers.

“The Great Recession forced many workers from a full-time jobs to a part-time status, and as more individuals are working these part-time and temporary jobs it’s important we expand protections for them,” Walsh said. “Under our current system, most part-time and temporary workers lack the same protections as full-time employees.”

Walsh is sponsoring House Bill 690, which would address current gaps in employment law which result in temporary workers receiving fewer legal protections. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, temporary workers are more likely to earn lower wages than full-time employees.

Walsh’s bill would ensure pay and benefit equity by requiring that temporary workers may not make less than a permanent employee for the same type of work. Among other things, the legislation would also require third-party staffing agencies to provide workers with health and safety training, and proper scheduling of assignments, which is something staffing agencies are often criticized for failing to provide. Supporters of Walsh’s House Bill 690 include the Illinois Construction Industry Committee and the Illinois AFL-CIO.

“I am focused on prioritizing the rights of Illinois workers over corporate profits,” Walsh said. “This bill will hopefully better protect the countless numbers of hardworking Illinois who work part-time and temporary jobs.”

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