CHICAGO – As violence in Chicago continues to threaten the safety of local families, state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, is proposing new gun legislation to better protect the children of Chicago by creating licensing requirements for gun dealers.

“Too many children have lost their lives due to gun violence in this city,” Slaughter said. “This legislation will better monitor those who are able to sell firearms and has specific requirements that will better protect our children.”

Slaughter is cosponsoring House Bill 2541 which creates the Gun Dealer Licensing Act. The measure would require gun dealers to meet qualifications and apply for a license from the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation in order to sell guns. Presently, firearm businesses do not have to receive a state license in Illinois. In addition, the bill would create the Gun Dealer Licensing Board, which would consist of a five member committee to recommend policies, procedures and rules that are relevant and necessary to enforce the proposed plan.

“Our youth need more protection from the senseless rage that has taken over our community,” Slaughter said. “We have to do more than give speeches about gun issues, we need real action. This bill helps to do that.”

For more information, please contact Slaughter’s constituent service office at 773-445-9700

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