CHICAGO – On Tuesday, state Rep. Camille Lilly, D-Chicago, along with the Illinois State Board of Education held a listening tour on the recently enacted federal legislation, Every Student Succeeds Act, which reauthorizes the nation’s commitment to equal educational opportunities for all students.

“I’m glad to be working with the Illinois State Board of Education as we move forward on this new law and usher in more equal school policies for our children,” said Lilly. “This law passed with bipartisan support, and our government, both statewide and nationally, should be proactively working to solve significant matters like this.”

Lilly and the Illinois State Board of Education worked together to elaborate on the new law that was enacted in December of 2015 by President Obama. The Every Student Succeeds Act replaces the outdated No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 and reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to maintain the national promise of ensuring equal opportunity to education. Additionally, the new law also sets new academic standards for students in an effort to prepare them for college and their careers.

“This event is just one of many tours that the Illinois State Board of Education is holding with elected officials,” Lilly said. “It is my hope that all of these events, not just mine, will highlight the positive changes that we can make when we work together.”

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