RED BUD, ILL. – To stand with working families in Southern Illinois, state Rep. Jerry Costello II, D-Smithton, is sponsoring House Resolution 116, which opposes a food and drug tax.

“Our local families are already suffering due to the budget impasse and are taxed enough,” Costello said. “I am proud to sponsor this resolution which opposes a tax that would affect every person in Illinois on products that are purchased every single day, food and medication. I refuse to vote for a tax to be placed on the basic necessities that would hurt working families, especially those that are struggling already.”

House Resolution 116 declares the Illinois House of Representatives’ opposition to a tax, which is the most regressive tax punishing citizens on a fixed income. According the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the lowest-income Americans spent an average of $3,667 on food in 2014, and with almost 1.7 million Illinois residents facing food insecurity, any further tax on food would increase the problem of hunger in Illinois.

“Not only would this hike affect the very basics that people require to live on, but it would also affect those who may already be struggling, especially those who have health issues and require multiple medications,” said Costello. “Between rising property taxes and a higher cost of living, to ask residents to pay more is wrong. I will continue to fight against higher taxes on Illinoisans, especially any that would target our most vulnerable citizens like children and seniors.”

State Rep. Jerry Costello II represents Illinois’ 116th district, which includes all or parts of St. Clair, Randolph, Monroe, and Perry Counties. His office can be reached by phone at 618-282-7284 or by email at

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